Our desires of innovating makes us constantly seek new raw materials on the market to offer our customers, such as bamboo. This material allows us manufacture any type of furniture, being another option in the world of interior design. It can also be used in parquets, doors, coverings, roofs, etc.

The bamboo has many properties, becoming the only sustainable and natural alternative to wood because it is 100% organic, 100% natural and 100% sustainable.

  • The oak, for example, takes between 40 and 50 years to grow before being harvested and has an IPE between 90 and 100 years, while bamboo is the fastest growing grass on earth. In just six years the type used in Fusteria Ollé reaches maturity and stops growing.
  • The variety we use does not serve to feed the panda bears (they prefer tender leaves from low bamboos). In addition, this kind of bamboo comes from three Chinese provinces far from the natural habitat of these bears.
  • As a fast-growing grass, it does not need replanting (it is a rhizome). It is naturally sustainable and therefore does not need FSC certification.