“Quality, reliability, experience”


When we talk about Fusteria Ollé we talk about quality, innovation and experience. Fusteria Ollé is a family company founded in 1983 by Joan Ollé Batet, focused on carpentry and woodworking. It has opted for the modernization, consolidation and improvement of the final product’s quality. So much so that the maximum investment has been and remains in the latest generation machinery that provides excellent results with maximum efficiency.

“Our main goal is to advise and provide solutions to our customers’ needs in a personalized way, taking care of all the small details.”


The concept of the manufacture of all our products in Fusteria Ollé is very clear: to offer the result that the costumer desires, and this will be achieved by betting on the internal manufacturing of all our products. It allows us to control and take care of all the details in the different stages of the manufacturing process. Along with this spirit we have the strength to invest in last generation machinery, which makes it possible to achieve excellent results with great speed.

Since the beginning of the project we attain our clients’ utmost satisfaction by thorough advice, based on our experience and knowledge and with a maximum quality infrastructure. In this way, we have a professional 3D design program, which enables us to recreate the piece of furniture or the space in question, and to send it to the numerical control machine that will lead us to the perfect performance of the final product.

The finishes of our products are also made at our own facilities, having at our disposal the best products of the market.

We guarantee that all our projects are carried out by members of our team, so we guarantee the quality and perfection of the product.